Gransfors bruks

Everything that is produced requires resources and all these resources have some impact on our environment and on people. What resources we use and what we use these resources for is a question of responsibility. Gränsfors Bruk has committed over 1years to manufacturing and developing axes.

Every axe is specifically designed to meet a particular function, . The Gränsfors Small Forest Axe has a larger head and a longer handle than the Wildlife Hatchet and therefore provides more chopping power.

The axes are forged by professional smiths in the Swedish village of Gränsfors. The smiths take great pride in their work. Each piece is created individually and once the head of the axe is complete and the smith is satisfied with the workmanship, the . Hand-forged by professional smiths. Backed by a 20-Year Guarantee.

The small Swedish smithy, GRANSFORS BRUKS , has gone back to the original principle of hand production with the aim of putting on the market a soun longlasting product. The company has worked with the designer Hans Erik Persson and developed axes that have traditional shapes and still meet the demands of . Every axe head is individually shaped under the forging hammers from a special axe steel and then tempered and annealed to the right toughness.

Each head is then sharpene oiled and . Our high quality Outdoor Equipment is made for the shared joy of the outdoors. Field Notes: More hatchet-like in proportions, the Outdoor Axe swings straight and confidently. Making contact with larger limbs, Axe cuts deeper than the 1lb.

In reality, the place this one lives since conceived by survival expert Lars Falt, this tool finds its own . Quality, sharp handforged axes that make a difference on the trail at home. Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Axe. These axes are still forged by han by twelve master axe smiths, in a factory in the small village of Gränsfors in the middle of Sweden, and each approved axe head is stamped with the initials of the individual axe smith.

The axes being built today are unlike the hundreds of models made in Sweden 1years ago. Each model was made exactly alike and ground smooth, polishe painted and labeled. That industry is dea and I think that the huge . Granfors Bruk makes fine handmade Swedish Axes and Woodworking Tools. The forge sits at the heart of the village and you can hear the rhythmic pounding as you approach. We have found these Grandfors Bruks axes and tools to be far . Click any of the thumbnails for more pictures and information about these great Axes and Hatchets and the Blacksmiths who make.

Each replacement axe handle is soaked in hot linseed oil and coated wi.

This matches the length and feel of the splitting maul, but two pounds lighter. Therefore, a lot easier to swing when the wood does not require the full force of the maul.