Pinot blanc

Pinot blanc is a white wine grape. It lacks the aromatic qualities of other Alsatian grape varieties and may not be used for the production of Grand Cru or late harvest wines. An introduction to the high-born Alsace pinot gris and its less flamboyant but still crucial cousin, pinot blanc , and the foods to pair with them.

There are several essential differences between these Pinots. If it were possible to probe the collective consciousness of wine drinkers for their impressions of pinot blanc , you would be left with little of consequence.

Few love it, few hate it, few give it much thought. An even closer examination reveals pinot blanc to be . Must it be Chardonnay, as in Burgundy? The state does boast some excellent Chardonnays. Rieslings, too, which thrive in the cool climate.

In fact, the grapes are extremely similar to Chardonnay. The bouquet is expressively fruit-driven but restraine with fine, open aromas of white peach, lime-blossom, spring flowers, pistachio and fresh moss.

This wine goes well with a platter of charcuterie or sea food or with asparagus. Switzerlan Austria, Hungary, Portugal and Italy all grow this grape as do many other countries, but it is particularly well known in Alsace where excellent examples are made. I like to pair it with a salad . Want to see your favorites in the list?

Make sure you rate them and check the list every week. A succulent roundness on the mid-palate provides contrast while a kiss of salinity adds savoriness. The wine has an expectedly youthful tightness that . Since it developed magnificently within the province, it joined Gewürztraminer and Sauvignon Blanc as the leading white wine grape varieties in the area. The elegant scent of apples, pears, lemons, tones of hay blossoms and hazel nuts as . On the nose, it displays wildflower honey, persimmon, ripe pear, Meyer lemon and apple crisp. On the palate, you will get a delicate mix of tangerine, green apple, mango lemon and honeysuckle.

Dopff is a large Alsace producer of quality table and sparkling wines. Type: Wine – White – Pinot . Santa Barbara, with its maritime desert climate, provides . Discover the pinot blanc , a variety that gives supple wines with a touch of acidity for freshness. Order online for home delivery or free collection from your nearest store.

It has sometimes been confused with Chardonnay as they share regions of origin, physical characteristics and taste profiles.