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SILVERCREST KITCHEN TOOLS 700W Nutrition Mixer by Lidl With removable tumbler to enjoy smoothies. Vitaminreiche Smoothies aus frischem Obst und Gemüse – einfach selbst gemixt. Wichtige Produktinformationen.

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Lidl have a stand mixer coming up for sale on 13th November in store and priced at a very reasonable £79. Product Review: Keen to join the blending tren but on a budget? Costing just under £3 it claims to chop ice cubes and nuts, as well as blitzing fresh fruit into smoothies.

But can this cheap Nutribullet-style blender match up to the big brands? EXCLUSIVE: Catching onto the demand for clean living at a healthier price point, budget store Lidl has unveiled its own version of the NutriBullet called The Nutrition Mixer. Useful for Kneading, Mixing and Blending Speed Settings and Pulse Function Swing Arm for easy Accessory change. L stainless steel Bowl Blender attachment with Stainless Steel Blade and Lid with .

Earlier this week Lidl got in on the action, unveiling its version for £29. Page 15) His friend recommended he purchase the silvercrest mixer. Lidl is selling a cheap Nutribullet for half the price. The Silvercrest Kitchen Tools Nutrition Mixer costs £29.

Considering a Nutribullet 6Series . With removable blending tumblers and different lids, including travel lid for fresh smoothies on the go. For a very basic test I shoved my usual combo in the mixer – green vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. The Nutrition Mixer is a 700w while the Nutribullet is just 600w, nevertheless my experience was that it took slightly longer for the Lidl product to blend my mix. This may be nit-picking and is a small price to . For that price, you get three BPA-free tumblers and lids as well as stainless steel attachments for chopping and blending. This American blender, sorry, “Nutrition Extractor” first appeared in the UK in with a natty line in TV commercials.

But unlike other “as seen on TV” gimmicks, this one soon picked up word of mouth recommendations too, with even the Duchess of Cambridge said . The box also includes an instruction booklet with a range of smoothie recipes to get you started. It will be available in Lidl stores from Thursday, August 3. Lidl Silvercrest Power blender en Nutrition mixer.

UPDATE: het is wat onduidelijk hoe de kleine blender precies heet. Op de doos staat Nutrition Mixer Pro, maar in de webwinkel heet deze de Smoothie mixer. De Nutrition Mixer in de webwinkel heeft een plastic buitenkant en een lager toerental en aantal . Our Silvercrest Nutrition Mixer is on sale now for £29. Do you have any juicing tips?

Wenn nur die harte Tour hilft: Seit dem 18. Lidl einen Smoothie- Mixer mit satten 9Watt Nennleistung. Wir sagen Ihnen, ob sich der Kauf lohnt.