Have a look at custom collections of specific bottles. It creates a premium distinction on a crowded wine shelf and gives the wine connoisseur a . Below are a few packaging designs and concepts that best illustrate this. Facing increasing demand and quality control issues with traditional corks, fine winemakers were seeking alternate wine closures.

Alternative wine closures are substitute closures used in the wine industry for sealing wine bottles in place of traditional cork closures. The emergence of these alternatives has grown in response to quality control efforts by winemakers to protect against cork taint caused by the presence of the chemical trichloroanisole .

Vino-Lok – der Glasverschluss, die Krone für Ihre Flasche. See what people are saying and join the conversation. Adaptability to any kind of diameter bottle neck Elegant Design Airtight Customization on the top with sticker or polydome resin.

Our identity is not just the logo. It is essential to follow the guidelines in order to. VINOLOK is the latest and most innovative closure system for wine and spirits. The glass closure is really unique giving the product a premium look and create a sense of refinement and elegance.

Following considerable experimentation, Schloss Vollrads ordered million tall green bottles designed to especially demanding . If they want to remain competitive, their products need to stand out.

Thanks to personalisation of packaging and labels, customers feel that the producer is doing something extra for them. The cap applicator is concepted to be affordable for any viticulturist. A smooth, thick disk caps a tapere stubby stem. It is weighty in your han clear to the eye and smooth to the touch.

To its fans, it is the future of wine closures. The cork and screwcap industries have sparred with each other for most of this . Animation is divided into TV screens, which are programmed through a special programming language to work together. This installation is made.

THE ROYAL VINEYARDS are the first in Croatia to have applied the system of closing bottles with VINOLOK glass stoppers. We offer a totally new, unique style and elegance in closing bottles of wine with glass – crystal cups. Opening a bottle of wine without a corkscrew, avoiding harmful consequences from the closing cork . Jancis recently reported here on a fascinating semi-blind comparison between cork- and screwcap-stoppered Vidal Estate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.

For larger production runs, major producers of bottling machines offer solutions in the form of both semi-automated and fully automated production lines. Full automation can be implemented into existing lines or by using a free- standing . Join LinkedIn today for free. It is quite a complicated closure solution because the glass stopper is held in place by an . It has absolutely no impact on aroma or flavour and it’s completely leak proof.

It creates an impression of a premium brand.

Vinolok is a closure made from pure bohemian glass. Wines with a closure type of Vinolok. Name – Ascending, Name – Descending, Price – Ascending, Price – Descending. Consumers had clearly spoken. COSTRAL innovates with VINOLOK.

A simple, autonomous and secure installation wich adapts itself easily on our machines. The corking VINOLOK is complete : – The solution of inerting is integrate. The sinking with pressure is adapted to the cok VINOLOK ,. The speed of pose of corks is synchronized with the cadence .